Mansión Dandi Royal Hotel Boutique Buenos Aires


To Mr. Hector B. Villalba, World renowned tango dancer and instructor, who got his start in the soul of San Telmo, dancing in neighborhood clubs such as Villa Sahores y Klogner in Buenos Aires, Argentina In 1950 he danced with the Maestro Servenio's Quintet (La Bicoca).

In addition Hector has contributed to the awareness and appreciation of tango in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA since 1972. With Jorge and Rosa Ledesma help, and a big number of teachers and tango enthusiasts , the Bay Area is today one of the most extensive tango communities.

Hector is also a founding member of the Bay Area Tango, a well-known world tango organization. Additional performances include Spain , London, Mexico City, USA, Italy and Argentina.

Hector authentic and traditional style is blended with his passionate and enchanting spirit. He is a true lover of tango, and it shows with every step.

Nowadays Hector is the artistic director of the world renowned Dandi Tango Residential Academy, which provides tango lessons to all the guests at the Hotel, and to the tourists and argentine enthusiasts who wants to learn how to dance the real TANGO.


To our dearer Teacher and friend, Sr. Mariano Mores, renowned compositor, piano player and orchestra director who has conceded us the honor of being the Hotel & Mansion Dandi Royal Benefactor.
Borne in the San Telmo neighborhood, in Buenos Aires, Mariano Mores is the author of memorable tangos, such as Taquito militar, Cafetín de Buenos Aires, Uno, Cuartito Azul, and many others.
Worldwide acclaimed, his innovator and renewed tango style has given new light and sounds to the new generation of musicians.